Why do we organize winter school? We believe everyone should be able to understand how important is Food Environment and Health Risk Assessment in Danube Region. The environment plays a crucial role in people’s physical, mental and social well-being. The degradation of the environment, through air pollution, noise, chemicals, poor quality water and loss of natural areas, combined with lifestyle changes, may be contributing to substantial increases of civilisation diseases. The production and consumption of sufficient, affordable and nutritious food, while conserving the natural resources and ecosystems on which food systems depend, is vital. Food systems play a central role in all societies and are fundamental to ensuring sustainable development. Sustainable food systems are critical to resolving issues of food security, poverty alleviation and adequate nutrition, and they play an important role in building resilience in communities responding to a rapidly changing global environment.

So J, join to 2- week Winter School Program in Slovak republic, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. CASEE Online Winter School will be multidisciplinary, encompassing chemistry, environment, microbiology, nutrition, quality assurance, sensory analysis, management, food engineering and manufacturing and also about very actual problematic Covid-19 and its impact to agri-food sector. The Winter School aims to give students and young scientists an idea of how interesting these topics really are. Online lectures will be provided by experts in agri-food sector from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, professional lecturers from prestige universities all over the world, state authorities, research institutes and SMEs as well as representatives from CASEE universities.